Weekly Wisdom 27

Too much Rosin?

If you are playing for 1/2 an hour every day you only need to rosin your bow once a week.

If you use too much rosin on your bow all it will do is make your instrument and strings more dirty with rosin dust, as well as create a scratchy sound and will give you a hissing noise when using the full length of the bow. How can you check if you are using too much rosin: Just flick through the bow hair with your thumb and if there is a big cloud of dust coming out so you are forced to take a step back to breathe, that is definitely too much rosin. Don´t use any for a few weeks. If there is only a very small cloud coming out, that should be right then.

So please only rosin your bow once a week if you are playing 1/2 an hour a day or if you are playing one hour a day, rosin it twice a week etc.

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