Weekly wisdom 30

Clean your violin every time after playing with your microfibre cleaning cloth.

If you clean your violin everyday after playing you will save money

  1. your strings will last longer
  2. your bridge will stay straight longer
  3. the violin does not need to be professionally cleaned by a violin maker as often
  4. the bridge feet are less likely to get stuck on the varnish, better sound for longer
  5. you will always enjoy your violn more, which means you play more and have more fun

Weekly Wisdom 27

Too much Rosin?

If you are playing for 1/2 an hour every day you only need to rosin your bow once a week.

If you use too much rosin on your bow all it will do is make your instrument and strings more dirty with rosin dust, as well as create a scratchy sound and will give you a hissing noise when using the full length of the bow. How can you check if you are using too much rosin: Just flick through the bow hair with your thumb and if there is a big cloud of dust coming out so you are forced to take a step back to breathe, that is definitely too much rosin. Don´t use any for a few weeks. If there is only a very small cloud coming out, that should be right then.

So please only rosin your bow once a week if you are playing 1/2 an hour a day or if you are playing one hour a day, rosin it twice a week etc.

Weekly Wisdom 37

Did you know that not all the pains you have playing a Double Bass, Viola, Violin, Cello  are your fault?

Some of the reasons for muscle tightness and other pains which can be instrument related:

1. too hollow fingerboard
2. wrong fingerboard curve
3. sound setup not properly done, instrument does not speak as easy as it should
4. too high bridge or wrong bridge curve
5. too high nut or uneven spacing of the grooves
6. wrong tension strings
7. bad bow re-hair
8. wrong choice of bow

9. the settings and choice of the chin rest and shoulder rest

Weekly Wisdom 26

Violin strings last longer than guitar strings. Depending on your frequency and duration of practice they can last between ½ a year up to 1 ½ years. They do not only end their life when they break. When they start sounding dull they need to be changed. The same applies for Cello, Double Bass and Viola strings

Tips to make strings last longer:

  • always have short fingernails on your left hand
  • do not use too much rosin
  • wash your hands before you play
  • do not tune strings too high
  • make sure the finger board does not have groves or holes in the wood
  • wipe your strings after you play
  • always check the grooves in the bridge and the nut before you put a new string on and apply graphite with a 6b pencil in these grooves.