Do you have pain when playing your instrument?

Many professional musicians develop shoulder problems, tight muscles in back, arms and neck, as a result of a poor setup; as well as any kind of intonation issues and buzzes, noises etc can be set-up related.

I have been specially trained overseas for 4 years at Geigenbau Machold or what they are now called´Machold Rare Violins´ to setup and restore instruments for performance on the highest level.

Combined with my 28 years of professional experience, I have been  serving  you the best and most professional, here in Brisbane, when it comes to sound improvement, restoration, repairs, setup or advise about any other violin related matters.

Reasons for muscle tightness and other pains which are instrument related:

  1. too hollow fingerboard
  2. wrong fingerboard curve
  3. sound setup not properly done, instrument does not speak as easy as it should
  4. too high bridge or wrong bridge curve
  5. too high nut or uneven spacing of the grooves
  6. wrong tension strings
  7. bad bow re-hair
  8. wrong choice of bow
  9. and obviously the settings and choice of the chin rest and shoulder rest

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