At Work


The Master Violin Maker at work
The Violin Maker working at the top plate of a new viola

Adjusting the final thickness of a top plate requires  finest skills with very sharp tools and deepest knowledge of the materials you are working with.

¨Blonde Jazzer¨ Double Bass

Blonde Jazzer Double Bass in the Ilja Grawert Bass to Violin shop in Brisbane

The ¨Blonde Jazzer” Double bass is a very beautiful double bass for the Jazz player. It is set-up with the ¨Deluxe Ilja Grawert set-up¨ with all the specs for Jazz music. The Bass has a ringing sound with fantastic sustain. I am aiming this Bass at two groups of people. The professional player who does not want to take their expensive bass to certain gigs, as well as at the starting bassist, who has a certain budget to buy their bass. Both groups get a fantastic bass which can do everything they will need it for. It is great for pizzicato as well as for bowing.

The fingerboard is made of maple solid timber, the tail-piece is made of  boxwood and I use mostly D´Addario Helicore Hybrid strings. These parts combined with a very well made sound body and my deluxe set-up  makes this bass outstanding for only AUS $2295.

Have a look at this bass in my shop

My beautiful violin shop

This afternoon, Ilja Grawerts Brisbane Violin shop is very beautifulI was sitting in my shop drinking coffee and not doing any work, looking around thinking what a beautiful shop this is. I spend the last 9 Years nearly every day here creating violins with fantastic sound, doing restorations to give old violins a new live and having a lot of fun doing so.

Ilja Grawerts Brisbane Violin shopHarp

Dirty Violin/Clean Violin

I just cleaned a Violin over the past few days. Here are the before and after photos. That was a hard job, rewarding though. I is worthwhile to get the instrument serviced ones a year if you are a professional player or a bit less often if you don’t play as much.

Wiping your Violin with a microfiber cloth after playing will keep it cleaner for much longer. Please never user any cleaners not even violin cleaners, they very often make the varnish sticky and so make the dirt stick even more to the violin.A violin after it has been cleaned in Ilja Grawert Violin shop in BrisbaneA Violin to be cleaned in the Ilja Grawert Violin shop in Brisbane