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Bow hair mites?…or other causes

Recently I received a bow for rehair where it was said that the bow has mites. Mites are definitely a bad cause for loosing bow hair as you have to clear the case and all other cloth items including the cloth around the rosin of those little animals.

However it turned out that the cause wasn’t mites at all but either a bad knot in the tip of the bow or the bad habit of the musician of pulling a broken hair instead of cutting it with scissors (or even a combination of both)

When you pull hair out of the tip you pull it out of the knot and then makes the knot looser, soon more and more hair will fall out until there is hardly any left.

Hair coming out of a loose knot
The ends clearly showing that the hairs fell out of the knot
After I pulled all the hair out of the knot
The hair in its entirety

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