New Studio Violins finished

These 2 Violins are my last two handmade Studio Violins which I just finished enf of June 2010Here is a Photo of the last two  Studio Violins I finished.  I antiqued the varnish so they do not only sound beautiful but look it as well.

The Ilja Grawert Studio Violins are a special line of instrument handmade in the Violin Makers workshop. They are priced between AUS $ 4,995 to AUS $ 11,000. They are handcrafted after the model of famous Italian, French and German makers and are all varnished with varnishes made with old traditional violin varnish recipes. Through my unique and extensive  knowledge of how the sound of a violin works I fine tune the instruments  sound to a beauty usually only found in much more expensive instruments.

There are no other instruments with these superior features available.

What are the feature which make the Studio Violins so special:

  • outstanding quality
  • extremely beautiful tone
  • even sound over all four strings
  • they speak easy when played
  • the tone carries even to the people of the audience sitting furthest away
  • they are structurally well made
  • the timbers are used are the fine grained European spruce and maple aged for long years.
  • setup for performance on the highest level.

Please come in my shop and try them your self.

Weekly Wisdom 37

Did you know that not all the pains you have playing a Double Bass, Viola, Violin, Cello  are your fault?

Some of the reasons for muscle tightness and other pains which can be instrument related:

1. too hollow fingerboard
2. wrong fingerboard curve
3. sound setup not properly done, instrument does not speak as easy as it should
4. too high bridge or wrong bridge curve
5. too high nut or uneven spacing of the grooves
6. wrong tension strings
7. bad bow re-hair
8. wrong choice of bow

9. the settings and choice of the chin rest and shoulder rest

Back from Holidays

Some wood shavings from planing a violin fingerboard in my Brisbane workshopAfter some beautiful camping, camp fires and quality family time, I am back in my shop/workshop with new energy for the next few month.

Straight back into making wood shavings.

Have a good Christmas

My shop will be close from Tuesday the 21st of December until January the 18th, 2011. You can make special appointments in the time between January 6th and January 18th. Please do so via the contact form. Please leave your Phone Number so we can arrange a time for the appointment.

I wish you have a save and fun Christmas and New Years.



Beautiful hand made Violins waiting in my workshop to get varnished.

I will use  varnish made from old Italian recipes. In the background of the first photo you already see three violins in different stages of the varnish process.