Do you have pain when playing your instrument?

Many professional musicians develop shoulder problems, tight muscles in back, arms and neck, as a result of a poor setup; as well as any kind of intonation issues and buzzes, noises etc can be set-up related.

I have been specially trained overseas for 4 years at Geigenbau Machold or what they are now called´Machold Rare Violins´ to setup and restore instruments for performance on the highest level.

Combined with my 28 years of professional experience, I have been  serving  you the best and most professional, here in Brisbane, when it comes to sound improvement, restoration, repairs, setup or advise about any other violin related matters.

Reasons for muscle tightness and other pains which are instrument related:

  1. too hollow fingerboard
  2. wrong fingerboard curve
  3. sound setup not properly done, instrument does not speak as easy as it should
  4. too high bridge or wrong bridge curve
  5. too high nut or uneven spacing of the grooves
  6. wrong tension strings
  7. bad bow re-hair
  8. wrong choice of bow
  9. and obviously the settings and choice of the chin rest and shoulder rest

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Restoration: Before & After

This is another successful restoration                          by Ilja Grawert Master Violin Maker

I hope that  the beautiful leather case will be restored in the future.

The bow was not worth restoring.

My beautiful violin shop

This afternoon, Ilja Grawerts Brisbane Violin shop is very beautifulI was sitting in my shop drinking coffee and not doing any work, looking around thinking what a beautiful shop this is. I spend the last 9 Years nearly every day here creating violins with fantastic sound, doing restorations to give old violins a new live and having a lot of fun doing so.

Ilja Grawerts Brisbane Violin shopHarp

New Studio Violins finished

These 2 Violins are my last two handmade Studio Violins which I just finished enf of June 2010Here is a Photo of the last two  Studio Violins I finished.  I antiqued the varnish so they do not only sound beautiful but look it as well.

The Ilja Grawert Studio Violins are a special line of instrument handmade in the Violin Makers workshop. They are priced between AUS $ 4,995 to AUS $ 11,000. They are handcrafted after the model of famous Italian, French and German makers and are all varnished with varnishes made with old traditional violin varnish recipes. Through my unique and extensive  knowledge of how the sound of a violin works I fine tune the instruments  sound to a beauty usually only found in much more expensive instruments.

There are no other instruments with these superior features available.

What are the feature which make the Studio Violins so special:

  • outstanding quality
  • extremely beautiful tone
  • even sound over all four strings
  • they speak easy when played
  • the tone carries even to the people of the audience sitting furthest away
  • they are structurally well made
  • the timbers are used are the fine grained European spruce and maple aged for long years.
  • setup for performance on the highest level.

Please come in my shop and try them your self.


Beautiful hand made Violins waiting in my workshop to get varnished.

I will use  varnish made from old Italian recipes. In the background of the first photo you already see three violins in different stages of the varnish process.

Dirty Violin/Clean Violin

I just cleaned a Violin over the past few days. Here are the before and after photos. That was a hard job, rewarding though. I is worthwhile to get the instrument serviced ones a year if you are a professional player or a bit less often if you don’t play as much.

Wiping your Violin with a microfiber cloth after playing will keep it cleaner for much longer. Please never user any cleaners not even violin cleaners, they very often make the varnish sticky and so make the dirt stick even more to the violin.A violin after it has been cleaned in Ilja Grawert Violin shop in BrisbaneA Violin to be cleaned in the Ilja Grawert Violin shop in Brisbane