Dirty Violin/Clean Violin

I just cleaned a Violin over the past few days. Here are the before and after photos. That was a hard job, rewarding though. I is worthwhile to get the instrument serviced ones a year if you are a professional player or a bit less often if you don’t play as much.

Wiping your Violin with a microfiber cloth after playing will keep it cleaner for much longer. Please never user any cleaners not even violin cleaners, they very often make the varnish sticky and so make the dirt stick even more to the violin.A violin after it has been cleaned in Ilja Grawert Violin shop in BrisbaneA Violin to be cleaned in the Ilja Grawert Violin shop in Brisbane

Weekly Wisdom 26

Violin strings last longer than guitar strings. Depending on your frequency and duration of practice they can last between ½ a year up to 1 ½ years. They do not only end their life when they break. When they start sounding dull they need to be changed. The same applies for Cello, Double Bass and Viola strings

Tips to make strings last longer:

  • always have short fingernails on your left hand
  • do not use too much rosin
  • wash your hands before you play
  • do not tune strings too high
  • make sure the finger board does not have groves or holes in the wood
  • wipe your strings after you play
  • always check the grooves in the bridge and the nut before you put a new string on and apply graphite with a 6b pencil in these grooves.