Brown Jazzer

The Brown Jazzer Double Bass is now available. With a solid spruce top, a beautiful chestnut brown varnish, the famous “Ilja Grawert Deluxe setup” and Thomastik Spirocore light strings it is one of the best sounding and easiest playing basses around for only $ 2695.

Restoration: Before & After

This is another successful restoration                          by Ilja Grawert Master Violin Maker

I hope that  the beautiful leather case will be restored in the future.

The bow was not worth restoring.

Bow Collection

Over the last 28 years I have been collecting a number of very nice French, English and German bows. They are valued between AU$2000 – 8000. If you are looking for a high quality bow please contact me on 1800 88 2468 or email me via my contact form.

At Work


The Master Violin Maker at work
The Violin Maker working at the top plate of a new viola

Adjusting the final thickness of a top plate requires  finest skills with very sharp tools and deepest knowledge of the materials you are working with.