¨Blonde Jazzer¨ Double Bass

Blonde Jazzer Double Bass in the Ilja Grawert Bass to Violin shop in Brisbane

The ¨Blonde Jazzer” Double bass is a very beautiful double bass for the Jazz player. It is set-up with the ¨Deluxe Ilja Grawert set-up¨ with all the specs for Jazz music. The Bass has a ringing sound with fantastic sustain. I am aiming this Bass at two groups of people. The professional player who does not want to take their expensive bass to certain gigs, as well as at the starting bassist, who has a certain budget to buy their bass. Both groups get a fantastic bass which can do everything they will need it for. It is great for pizzicato as well as for bowing.

The fingerboard is made of maple solid timber, the tail-piece is made of  boxwood and I use mostly D´Addario Helicore Hybrid strings. These parts combined with a very well made sound body and my deluxe set-up  makes this bass outstanding for only AUS $2295.

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Recent Floods

I had a lot of concerned calls from customers all over Australia wondering if my shop was affected by the recent floods .

Thank you very much for thinking of me and my Violins, but I had no water coming near my shop, workshop and home so everything is fine. I got stressed though and moved all my instruments upstairs, just in case and two days later I could just move them back down no harm done only a delay with all my orders by at least a week.

Thank you for your understanding


Opening Hours update 12-4-11

Hi everyone

I will be on Holidays this week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. My Shop will be open on Saturday the 16th of April and Tuesday the 19th of April. From the 20th of April until mid May I will be on a business trip up North. Please check my Blog for updates. Please email me for any inquiries to shop(at)grawert.com.au   or fill in my contact form. I will see you all back in May