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Ilja Grawert Violin makers Shop front in Brisbane QLDWelcome to Ilja Grawert – Violin maker Brisbane/Australia. You will find the most beautiful Celli, Violins, Violas & Doublebasses. Please try for yourself

Enjoy the quality only a violin maker can deliver. I apply my extensive experience as a European violin maker not only to professional violins but as well to student instruments . You will benefit from always speaking to me and being sure no one else will work on your instrument.

I moved from my shop location in Woolloongabba and am now working from my small workshop. Interests to purchase new instruments, from student to professional, or interests of my service can be made either via phone 0437 88 2468 or via my contact page: http://www.grawert.com.au/contact/          I will come to visit you to present you with the options available for a new instrument or a repair

“We are living in a time where everything has to be here & now. My trade is an old worldly trade and its beauty lays in the time and patience it takes to create by hand…bespoke unique instruments which not only have to look but sound beautiful.”

Phone: 0437 88 2468

Please contact me to arrange a visit from the violin maker to you

I decided to concentrate on my profession as a Violin Maker and spend more time in the workshop doing what I do best: manufacturing, restoring,repairing and improving the sound and playability of bowed stringed instruments— simply being a professional craftsman. I moved from my open shop location to cater for this highest level of craftmanship. For Sales, Quotes and Repairs .

Please call

Phone:1800 88 2468

Mobile:0437 88 2468

  contact me via my form

I am looking forward to meeting you and your instrument


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